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Unit 6: God’s Dream for You

In Isaiah 55:9 the Lord said: “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” (New International Version)  Who can know the mind of God? He is indeed so far above us. But from Jeremiah, we do know that God does have a plan or Dream for each of us.  We are known by him. He wants to bless us. We are to seek the Dream for our life. This unit attempts to provide a “rudder” to help the students steer their journey of life toward the Dream. God’s Dream for each student is a personal journey and must be found by each individual. As teachers, the best we can hope for is to shine a light in the right direction of life’s journey and our hope is that God will make the path visible to them. He holds us in His hand.

Lesson 1: Believe In Me

Lesson 6-1 Believe

Lesson 2: Accepting the Dream

Lesson 6-2 Accepting the Dream

Lesson 3: Unbelief of the Dream

Lesson 6-3 Unbelief of the Dream

Lesson 4: Desiring the Dream

Lesson 6-4 Desiring the Dream

Lesson 5: Distractions

Lesson 6-5 Distractions to God’s Dream

Lesson 6: The Dream Line

Lesson 6-6 The Dream Line

Lesson 7: Filling Voids

Lesson 6-7 Filling Voids

Lesson 8: Worthy Work

Lesson 6-8 Worthy Work

Lesson 9: Celebration – Communicating With God

Lesson 6-9 Celebrate – Communicating With God

While this is a celebration, Elijah leaves the cave and the search is on to find him in book three: In Search of Elijah.

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