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The Beginning of Wisdom: Kung Fu

Jeremiah Receives The Dream

The Greatest Battle Videos

There have been many wars throughout history, but none so important as the battle waged since Adam for the dream of each person. Sometimes the dream is fulfilled with only the beginning of the process, as in the case of Dr. King.  When he was killed, there were still segregated bathrooms, restaurants, housing, and transportation.  But the dream God had for Dr. King started a great renewal of freedom for thousands of people.  The MLK Dream video is recommended for this lesson as an example of how the students should dream as God would have them, no matter how big or impossible or fearsome it may seem at the time.

Jacob’s Stairway to Heaven

The Journey of My Life

The journey to the fulfillment of your dream will have many opportunities for you to work the dream with God.  Such was the case with Moses and the Red Sea.  Look for God to “engineer” situations in which your dream can grow if you trust Him, as happened with Martin Luther.  You may have to take a stand. Show the three videos “Moses and the Red Sea”, the “Berlin Wall”, and “Martin Luther Trial”. Note the rejoicing of those seeing their dream come true as the Berlin Wall was torn down.

Moses and the Burning Bush

The Burning Bush was a turning point for Moses.  God made known His dream for Moses and the Hebrew people.  While we usually don’t receive God’s dream for us in such a vivid manner, the Holy Spirit does shine a light on the dream, if we are willing to look for it. Show “Moses and the Burning Bush” video.

Hiding in a Cave

Our lessons will be presented in the darkness of the cave where the only light is that of the Burning Bush and the “Fire of Life” campfire. In this lesson, we meet the prophet Elijah, hiding in fear of Queen Jezebel.  The video recommended is “Elijah the Prophet”.  We will explore much more of the prophet’s life in our last unit.

Youtube Videos for Unit 1 – Into the Cave

Videos for Unit 1 Into the Cave are:

  1. Jeremiah Receives the Dream
  2. Nelson Mandela’s Dream
  3. Elijah the Prophet
  4. Jacob’s Stairway to Heaven
  5. Martin Luther King Speech
  6. Moses – Burning Bush
  7. Lottie Moon (2)
  8. Moses – Red Sea
  9. The Fall of the Berlin Wall
  10. Martin Luther – “Here I Stand”
  11. Pharaoh, Pharaoh Dance (2)
  12. Dance Like David (2)

Pharaoh Dance

Moses – Red Sea

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