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Unit Two: Who Am I

God knows you personally and has a plan for your life.  But do we know ourselves as well as God knows us?  Middle School youth are asking the question of themselves, “who am I”? This unit was developed to help them answer that question from the viewpoint of God’s Dream for them.  In the “Burning Bush” encounter, God certainly knew himself as “I AM”, but Moses didn’t know himself as the Dream of God: the leader of Israel out of Egypt.  Elijah knew God wanted him to be His prophet, yet he still fled in fear to a cave.  He didn’t understand the full power God had for him in the dream for his life. Both men learned to listen to the still, small voice of God leading them onward to the dream.

Lesson 1: Achieving the Dream

Lesson 2-1 Achieving the Dream

Lesson 2: Created for a Purpose

Lesson 2-2 Created for a Purpose

Lesson 3: Me and God

Lesson 2-3 Me and God

Lesson 4: Who Am I

Lesson 2-4 Who Am I

Lesson 5: The Celebration Dance

Lesson 2-5 The Celebration Dance

Unit 2: Who Am I (Printable Version)

Unit 2 – Who Am I

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