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Dudley’s Cave and the Circle of Fire


I call this an “intervention” course.  An intervention as I use it here is an attempt to make a change in personal behavior at a specific time in a person’s life.  Recently my wife and I were given the “opportunity” to lead a group of middle school students during our church’s Wednesday night program.  If you have ever taught this age group (11 – 13 years old) or if you have children in this age group, then you surely know how frustrating and “wild” they can be at times.  The reality, however, is that this time in their lives will greatly determine the path they will follow in life.  Sadly, many will turn to the destructive forces in the world seeking fun, wealth, and power.

If, as Christian disciples, we are to reach the next generation, this age group is the critical target. This is the age group for an “intervention”.  I hope this course provides the “intervention” that will result in the desired behavior change of your middle school youth … specifically a young life dedicated to Christ.

“Change” is a popular concept now.  But knowing what we are changing to is as important as changing.  Middle School students are changing rapidly: physically, mentally, and emotionally.  What they are changing to is often determined by peers, television, movies, family, and sports.  Having spent most of my career developing and implementing corporate change, the opportunity to teach this age group, I believe, is an intervention from God in my own life.  So, with God’s help and inspiration, I present you with an “intervention opportunity” in the lives of 11-13 year olds.  Together, let’s put these young people on the path to God’s Dream for their lives.

I cannot tell each student the Dream of God for their lives in this series, however, I hope they gain the wisdom to identify the Dream on their own. Some will discover the Dream early in life, while others, like myself, will require many years of God’s loving interdiction.

This course is part of a larger series called “I Am: The Greatest Battle”. The first three books, “Dudley’s Cave and the Circle of Fire” are provided in this website. The next book: “Return of the Jewels” is available on In this fourth book, teens will journey to many parts of the world in search of the “High Priest Jewels” lost by Dudley in book three, “In Search of Elijah”. The purpose of the fourth book is to teach the wisdom of Paul’s “Breastplate of Love” in parallel with the meaning of each of the jewels of the High Priest breastpiece. 

In Book 5: The Silver Cup, students will learn about the results of the disciples drinking from the cup at the Lord’s last meal.

In Book 6: The Golden Lampstand, students will discover worship as the Lord intended it to be in the old and new covenants.

As with all books within the series, I hope to encourage team and relationship  building, plus a little courage!

Course Introduction (Printable)

Course Introduction

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