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He Knows My Name

Me and God

God has given you many talents to enable you to become the dream He has for your life. These talents may become known to you early in life or much later.  Use them to obtain the dream.

I Am David

The celebration Dance

David was estatic with joy and danced his heart out for God.  So was Miriam after the Hebrews crossed the Red Sea.  Throughout history people have danced to their gods.  There is great power in dancing before God. Show the “Messianic” and “Jewish Dance” videos. so too were the people of Iraq when liberated.  Show the “Saddam Statue Toppled” video.

Messianic Dance

Messianic Dance

Who Am I

Do you really know yourself yet?  Probably not … but God knows you.  He wants to help you to discover the person He intented for you to become.  Nicodemus was known by Jesus, but he struggled accepting who Jesus was to him.  Show the “Nicodemus” video.

Created for a Purpose

God dreamed of you long before you were born, long before your parents were married or even born themselves.  God is eternal. Time is not a dimension that limits Him, for God made time for his creation. From the very beginning of time God knew you, planned for you, prepared for you, dreamed of your purpose in His creation.  You are special to God.  Jeremiah was also special to God.  Show the video “Book of Jeremiah”

God’s Dream for Jeremiah

Achieving the Dream

The story of Moses passing the leadership role to Joshua is tale of the end of one dream and the beginning of another dream.  Moses had done all that God had dreamed for him and now it was time for Joshua to achieve God’s dream for his life, beginning with Jericho. Show the video “Joshua at Jerico.”

Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho

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