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Unit 4: Second Chances

Failure is not uncommon, but we are not to let it destroy our life with God. We worship a God of forgiveness and second chances as we will see in this unit. When we fall on our face, our loving God picks us up and holds us in his comforting hands. Giving up at this age in life is a horrible choice that could lead to irrevocable actions as well as missing the joy of becoming the dream God has for that life.

Lesson 1: Freedom

Lesson 4-1 Freedom

Lesson 2: Passion

Lesson 4-2 Passion

Lesson 3: Moving Day

Lesson 4-3 Moving Day

Lesson 4: Humbleness vs Pride

Lesson 4-4 Pride Precedes a Fall

Lesson 5: The Love of a Friend

Lesson 4-5 The Love of a Friend

Lesson 6: Second Chances

Lesson 4-6 Second Chances

Lesson 7: Never Look Back

Lesson 4-7 Never Look Back

Lesson 8 Celebration: The Overflowing Cup

Lesson 4-8 Celebration – The Overflowing Cup

Now would be a good time to get out tambourines, drums, or anything to make noise … even cans!  Think how happy you would be if you were Paul and had another chance after Damascus or Peter and your life had another chance to serve the Messiah after 3 times denying Him.  The noise level should reflect that joy.  This class may be best done outside and not near adult classes!

Show the videos listed under Youtube Videos – Unit 4 Second Chances, Celebration – My Cup Overflows.  Sorry, but I just couldn’t resist the Snowmen video.  This lesson should be a lot of fun! Consider serving ice cream to add to the festive mood.

Unit 4: Second Chances (Printable Version)

Unit 4 – Second Chances

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