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Saint Paul the Apostle


As we see in the life of Saul, passion can be from the dark side or the light side.  Be careful to be the Paul of passion, not the Saul.

Love & Friendship

The following is a video file for download and play of Jonathan and David.

Love & Friendship

Nebuchadnezzar Takes Jerusalem


Helping Others

Ways to help others can often be surprising and fun if you are alert to the opportunites.


There are many demons in the world today that can de-rail you from the Dream of God for you. In this lesson some are discussed.  The selected videos should enhance the discussion.

The Story of Ruth

Lot’s Wife

The following is a video file of Lot’s wife looking back.  Download and play the video.

Sodoma y Gomorra

Ruth in Jesus Geneology

Love and Friendship

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