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Unit 5: Accountability

We can just drift through life doing as we please, but a day of accountability will come.  That day came for the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.  God gives us free choice, but not freedom from the earthly consequences of our behavior.  This is a difficult subject for 11 to 13 year old students.  At this age, they place the blame elsewhere for mistakes they make.  But if we are to achieve God’s Dream for us, we must take accountability for our actions.

Lesson 1: See It

Lesson 5-1 See It

Lesson 2: Own It

Lesson 5-2 Own It

Lesson 3: Solve It

Lesson 5-3 Solve It

Lesson 4: Do It

Lesson 5-4 Do It

Lesson 5: Test It

Lesson 5-5 Test It

Lesson 6: Adjust It

Lesson 5-6 Adjust It

Lesson 7: Praise God

Lesson 5-7 Praise God

Lesson 8: Celebrate Opportunities

Lesson 5-8 Celebrate Opportunities

The Fourth Wiseman

Show the move of the 4th Wiseman, approximately 50 minutes, in Appendix 2 Resources, Youtube Videos – Unit 5, Celebration.

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